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Attention Grade 12 students!

Friday, January 24, 2020
Friday, January 24, 2020
Friday, January 24, 2020

At this time, 24 students have applied to university and 36 students have applied to college for September 2020.  A number of students will also be starting apprenticeships in July 2020.  Most offers of admission to college and university programs come in the spring.  College-bound students must accept an offer by May 1.  The earliest date a university can require a response from a student is June 1.  At that time a financial commitment may also be required.  College applications were due on Feb 1 and university applications were due on January 15.  However, it may not be too late to apply for certain programs.  Late applicants are encouraged to visit Guidance to explore options. 

Many students have been asking about OSAP and scholarships for post-secondary education.  Students were given folders in September which included a handout of scholarship information.  Extra handouts are available in Guidance.  Each post-secondary school offers their own scholarships/bursaries so students should check the websites of the schools they have applied to.  Another great website to check is  Parents can also check their places of employment, insurance companies, and club/association affiliations, as many offer scholarships.  In addition, EDHS subscribes to The Scholarship Report – these publications are emailed to grade 12 students and their parents as I receive them.  If you have not received an issue, please contact Student Services to update your email address. 

A financial aid presentation is scheduled for April 8 at 10:30am.  This presentation will cover the costs of post-secondary education and possible sources of funding, including OSAP.  There is no application deadline for OSAP.  Students must have accepted an offer of admission, and parents’ income tax returns must be filed before a student can complete the application.  It takes 8-10 weeks for OSAP to process an application - if students apply in June they should have an answer by September.

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