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Welcome to the English Department at EDHS (aka the center of the universe). English is like the make it or break it of the academic world.  If you ain’t literate, you ain’t nothin’, and you goin’ nowhere fast. 


You wanna know why you ne​​​​ed to study English? 

The top 10 reasons for studying our specific course texts: 

    1. ​​Want to meet someone more self-centered than you? Macbeth
    2. Learn how to be an apathetic, melo-dramatic teenager? Hamlet
    3. Wanna know how to survive on an island? Lord of the Flie​s
    4. Want 50 reasons not to go to prison? The Shawshank Redemption
    5. Need a pre-pubescent guide for picking up girls? Romeo and Juliet
    6. Want to take a sling-shot to the eye? The Kite Runner
    7. Livin’ the dream? The Great Gatsby
    8. YOLO? Tuesdays with Morrie
    9. Feeling a hankering for honey? The Secret Life of Bees
    10. Need to explore your entrepreneurial skills? Theories of Relativity