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​All students working toward a credit in Grade 9 Academic or Applied Mathematics are required to write the corresponding Grade 9 Assessment of Mathematics.  These tests evaluate how well students are meeting the curriculum expectations of the Grade 9 Academic or Applied Mathematics courses from The Ontario Curriculum.


2019-2020 dates:

Semester I – January 14th and January 16th

Semester II – June 9th and June 11th


For more information about the grade 9 EQAO assessment


Click on "Student Resources" , then "Grade 9 Assessment of Mathematics"

Sample assessment booklets, scoring guides, and formula sheets from previous years are available to practice from home.


Practice helps to prepare for the test.

Student Question #1 - PLAID D​​AY

Today is plaid day at school.  Three out of four students are wearing plaid.  There are 440 students in the school.  The ratio of teachers to students wearing plaid is 1 : 30.  There are 33 teachers.  How many teachers are wearing plaid? 

Show your work.


Student Question #2 - FALL FAIR - created by a grade 9 s​​tudent!

Question of the Day 2.PNG 

Student Question #3 - First Annual EDHS Clothing Swap

Students’ Council estimated that 1000 clothing items were collected and organized for the clothing swap at EDHS last month. On average, 50 items were selected each day by staff, students, and community members.

How many clothing items remained to be donated to local organizations if Students’ Council ran the event over 4 days? 

Represent your solution using a table, graph and equation.


For Gr. 9 Applied:

Question #1

EQAO Applied.PNG 

Question #2

Applied Question Oct 9_2014.png
 Question #3

eqao q 3 applied.jpg


For Gr. 9 Academic:

Question #1

EQAO Academic.PNG 

Question #2

Academic Question Oct 9_2014.png
 Question #3

eqao q 3 acad.jpg

Represent this relationship using a graph and equation.