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School Council

Every school has a school council—a group focused on helping all students succeed.

School councils are groups of parents, community representatives, teaching and non-teaching employees, students and the school principal. The EDHS School Council meets approximately 5 times during the school year to share updates related to student, staff and administrative topics. They also provide an informal forum for discussion around ways that parents can otherwise support student achievement. The group here at EDHS tends to be small but engaging and would welcome any interested parents to come out and be involved in another way, in their child's secondary level education.

Support for school councils is provided by the Simcoe County District School Board’s Parent Involvement Committee.

Why join us on school council?

Involvement in school council is a meaningful, hands-on way to have a direct, positive impact on your child’s educational experience. Research shows that when parents are involved in their child’s education, the level of student achievement increases.


School Council meeting dates for 2015/16:

Tuesday, September 22nd

Monday, November 2nd

Monday, January 18th

Monday, March 21st

Monday, May 16th

All meetings take place in the school library beginning at 6:30 p.m.


Members of School Council

​Parent Members:



​Pat Allen (Co-Chair)

Candi Fox (Co-Chair)

Allison Walker (Treasurer)

Lynne Wright (Secretary)

Salena Bell Jones

Diana Spear

Angela Wagner

​Teaching Member:​Krista Ellliot-MacIsaac
​Non-Teaching Member:​Brenda Munshaw
​Student Member:

​Principal:​Diane Fletcher


To view the year end School Council report from 2013/14, click on the link below.