The Arts use your brain in a different way than other subjects. Taking an Arts course will…

-introduce you to new friends
-teach you independence
-develop your teamwork skills
-let you express yourself creatively
-allow you to individualize your program to suit your interests
-prepare you to confidently present your work in other classes

..and they're FUN!

Beyond the more traditional visual arts programs, which cover a variety of media and artistic styles, EDHS also offers….

PHOTOGRAPHY - Learn about your camera and the digital darkroom and do more with photos than you ever have before. Start snapping!

SET DESIGN / PRODUCTION- Apply your visual art skills to theatre while gaining an understanding of the design aspects of a dramatic production, including sound, lighting, costumes and set design. - Go big!

YEARBOOK - Combine your understanding of design with the skills of photography and journalism to create a keepsake for the whole school. Create memories!

The Drama department gives students an opportunity to perform and understand all aspects of a production, and provides students a chance to drive their own learning. Last year, E.D.H.S. was approached by the Hospice Huronia Foundation to produce a play directed at teens that would perform all over the county. Annually, the department produces a quality Remembrance Day performance for the school and community. Beyond classroom presentations, students often design presentations that travel to local elementary schools, malls or that are open to the public.


Our Music Department is unsurpassed, with a state of the art Recording Studio and a broad range of performance opportunities. E.D.H.S. offers instrumental music, vocal music, guitar, piano keyboarding and recording technology. Students have the chance to meet and work with professional Canadian artists through the Stellula Music in Schools program (see David Martell photo) and to produce and perform in 3 major community concerts each year. As well, students have multiple opportunities to perform in the community and to work in conjunction with other departments to develop presentations. The E.D.H.S. music department is proud of the accomplishments of local graduate, Graham Scott Fleming, who has won numerous singing contests and recently performed in an off-Broadway musical in New York City.