**Students applying to college directly from high school, must have, at minimum, earned their OSSD.


Researching Colleges and Programs


Each college will have requirements that are specific to each individual program they offer. Students must research each college program separately as admission requirements may differ by college. Program information can be researched by accessing each college’s website or by using Ontario Colleges (http://ontariocolleges.ca). 


The Ontario Colleges website allows users to search for programs across Ontario. Under the "Programs" tab you can search by program or college. From here, you can link directly to college websites and check information about admission requirements. These will include course prerequisites that are beyond high school credits and may include volunteer placement hours, portfolio requirements, First Aid, CPR, etc. Students need to plan early how they will fulfill these requirements.


Students can obtain diplomas, certificates, and degrees at college campuses. Degree information can be found under "Programs" by refining your search under "Credential" to "Degree". Students may choose to articulate from a college diploma to a degree granting institution. Those opportunities are listed in the University-CollegeTransfer Guide. (http://www.ontransfer.ca)

Throughout the fall at EDHS, we have a busy schedule with visits from several college representatives. These presentations take place during lunch and students are encouraged to sign up and attend. We strongly advise students to attend sessions for any colleges they are considering attending as this gives them the opportunity to ask questions based on their program interest(s).  A Calendar listing the dates of these opportunities is posted in the Grade 12 Google classroom.





College-Bound students will meet as a group in the fall of Grade 12. They will be given information regarding the application process and a calendar of important dates.

Students may apply up to a maximum of five programs with no more than three at any one college. The equal consideration deadline is   February 1st.  Applicants may be required to write College Placement Tests, attend information sessions, submit resumes, or portfolios to be considered. High school marks will be electronically submitted for all currently registered students. Students need to verify that information and monitor their application.

Students must respond to their offers in early May. If students change their mind or do not receive an offer that they are happy with, they can check what programs are open on an ongoing basis at Ontario Colleges. and make adjustments to their original application.