Post-Secondary Financing

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

For students who have applied, and been accepted into a post-secondary program, there are grants and loans available, through the government's Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP).


Click this link to view more information on the: Georgian College Financial Aid presentation.pdf


Scholarships & Bursaries

External Scholarships:

Students may find out about external scholarships through online searches, checking the Scholarship Binder in the Student Services office, looking in the Grade 12 Google Classroom under 'Scholarships/Bursaries', and checking the bulletin board outside of Student Services.

When searching online, refine or narrow your search whenever possible, save your searches (ex. in “my scholarships” on, and edit your profile to alter the list of scholarships you are given.

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University Scholarships: 
Ontario Universities Info (under “Finance”)

Ontario CollegesOntario Colleges

Parents/Community:  employers, insurance companies, unions, groups or organizations you, or your parents, are associated with.

Colleges/Universities:  On specific college and university websites there will be information on scholarships/financial awards/bursaries that they offer.  Check the websites of the schools you are interested in attending and look for a link to their financial aid or financial services section. 

Scholarships and Financial Aid


E.D.H.S. In-School Scholarships & Awards:

The following is a list of scholarships available only to EDHS students. 


**Please note:  a "graduating" student is a student who is graduating at the end of the current school year.  Students who graduated in the previous year who returned to EDHS are not eligible to apply to scholarships that are specifically for "graduating" students; they may apply to others if they fit the criteria.

**Applications will only be accepted via the 'Commencement Award Google Form 2024' which will be available April 29, 2024

**Applications are due Friday, May 31, 2024 at 3:30pm.  No applications will be accepted after this deadline.  


Click here for a list of Scholarships & Bursaries available to EDHS students only.


Commencement Award Google Form 2024: Click Here 





In May 2001 the Simcoe County District School Board was advised that the late John Bernard Kennedy had included a bequest in his will to provide scholarships for graduating students of Elmvale District High School.  The will directed the Simcoe County District School Board, through its Scholarship and Trust Fund, to provide scholarships "to benefit those who may not otherwise be able to afford to attend a post secondary educational facility". Scholarships, totaling ten thousand dollars, will help the recipients pay for a significant portion of their first year expenses. Graduating students who are proceeding to post-secondary education are eligible to apply for the bursary.  For more details please click on this attachment

John Bernard Kennedy Bursary Application Form 2024


Terms & Definitions

"graduate" – fifth year returners who already graduated may apply
"graduating" – only students receiving their diplomas this June may apply
"post-secondary education" – refers to college, apprenticeship, or university 

Award  -  Something given to recognize a person's merit and accomplishments, according to criteria outlined by the person or institution granting the award. An award may be monetary or it may be signified by certificates, trophies or other public acknowledgements. It does not require repayment.

Bursary  -  A monetary award that is granted to a student based on financial need. A bursary does not require repayment; academic standing may be considered

Grant  -  Funds that are given to a student for a specific purpose, such as specialized research or academic projects. A grant does not require repayment.

Non-Renewable  -  A non-renewable scholarship is awarded for one year only.  However, schools that offer these scholarships often offer additional upper-year scholarships.

Renewable  -  A scholarship is called "renewable" if the recipient can receive the scholarship for more than one year. Each year, the recipient must meet the university's or college’s stated criteria in order to continue receiving the scholarship.

Scholarship  -  Financial aid provided to a student in order to fund their academic studies. Unlike a loan, a scholarship does not require repayment. Scholarships are granted based on criteria outlined by the person or institution granting the award, including academic merit, financial need, extracurricular activities or other distinctions. You may have to apply for certain scholarships, and you may be automatically considered for others. On eINFO, the following scholarship terms are used:

 "Application Required" means that you must submit an application in order to be considered for the award. 

 "Application Not Required" means that you will be automatically considered for the award when you apply to the university or college - no application is necessary.