One of the most popular sports on the planet and the focus of the largest athletic event in world – the FIFA World Cup.

Soccer is a sport that combines aerobic fitness, skill development and game strategy.  It is a very popular game requiring training and dedication. 

The boy's soccer season runs in the fall from mid-September to early November.  Teams are offered at both the senior and junior levels as interest demands.  Depending on the prior experience of the boys trying out, the junior team tends to focus on providing an opportunity to learn the game better.  At the senior level, we attempt to field a more competitively oriented team.  Regardless of prior experience, all boys are encouraged and welcome to try out.  Contact coaches Mr. Kuyper [email protected] and Mr. Knox  [email protected]

Girl's soccer is very popular and has been very popular for several years.  Girl's soccer runs in the spring sports season as soon as the fields are deemed playable (usually mid April).  Girl's teams are offered at both the junior and senior levels depending on interest.  The junior program emphasizes skill development and participation, while the senior program adopts a more competitive philosophy. The girl's season starts in April and ends in late May.  All interested girls are welcome to try out regardless of prior experience.

Depending on team preferences and the availability of the field, tryouts and practices may be held in the morning before school, during lunch, or after school.