Welcome to the Social Science Department! There is something here for everyone!

You will be interested in our department if:

  • You like to eat.
  • You might be a parent one day.
  • You want to work with children.
  • You interact with other people.
  • You have relatives.
  • You ask the big questions of life.
  • You wonder if a tree that falls makes a sound… if no one is there to hear it.
  • You are thoroughly intrigued by anything controversial.
  • You are human.

You are in luck because we offer:

  • Food and Nutrition Grade 10 Open
  • Raising Healthy Children, Grade 11, Open
  • Dynamics of Human Relationships Grade 11 Open
  • Philosophy Grade 11, University/College Preparation
  • Challenge and Change in Society, Grade 12, University Preparation