EDHS offers many extra curricular opportunities for students to explore their interests and develop their talents while meeting new friends along the way. We will be posting information on this site as soon as we confirm the details of each club. Club information will also be advertised on a bulletin board in the school. There is something for everyone at EDHS -- take the first step and get involved!

Virtual Chess

Do you like solving problems? Do you watch the Queens Gambit? Have you tried the game of Chess? Can you blink? For more information on this or to sign up please contact Mr. Giles [email protected] You can also join by going to http://bit.ly/edhschess.

The Changemakers

The EDHS Changemakers Club (formally called Me to We) is for any student, in grade 7-12, who is interested in helping make their school, community, and world, a better place. This year, we are doing most of our project planning virtually, if you're interested in joining contact Mrs. Burke [email protected] or join using the Google Classroom Code is: 6jqniti

Mock Trial Team

This club is open to grades 9-12. We meet at lunch time a couple times per week plus some after-school practices at the Midland and Barrie Courthouses. We will be preparing either the prosecution or defense for a mock trial that has been prepared for the Simcoe County Mock Trial Competition. Some members of our team will play lawyers and others will play the role of witnesses or the accused. We will have help from real lawyers who will guide us through the process and then will present our case at the Barrie Courthouse before a real judge. For more details please contact Mrs. Adams [email protected] and Mr. Anderson [email protected]

Gamers Club

This club is open to all students in grades 7-12 who would like to participate in student directed role playing campaigns. For more details contact Mr. Davidson [email protected]

The following clubs are more examples of past favourites. If you are interested in more information, please see the Club bulletin board in the school or ask in the Guidance Office.


Every Thursday we meet in Portable 202. The GSA is a safe place for LGBTQ2+ students and their allies to hang out and create initiatives to make EDHS a more inclusive place for all. Contact Mademoiselle Tosh [email protected]


Farm Society

Prom Committee

Yoga for Beginners

  • Extra Life

  • Outdoors Club

  • Cribbage Club

  • Coding Club