** All students applying to university, regardless of program, will be required to have six grade 12 U or M level courses from high school, one of these must be ENG 4U.

Researching Universities and Programs

Every university in Ontario will have its own program-specific requirements.  Students must research extensively to ensure they meet those entrance requirements.  For more specific information on university programs, please go to Electronic Info (

Another excellent source of information is OUAC. ( This is also the website that will be used to apply to Ontario universities.

Degrees can also be earned through Ontario colleges.  Bachelor’s degree programs can be found at Ontario Colleges ( under "Programs" by refining your search under "Credential" to "Degree". Six Grade 12 U or M prerequisites are required to apply to these degree programs.

Collaborative & Joint Degree Programs offer the combination of hands-on learning that colleges are known for along with the more theoretical approach of university studies. Students may earn either one or two credentials— one from the college and/or one from the university.  For a list of collaborative/joint programs please go to OUAC ( select "Undergrad (101)", from the right side select "Collaborative University and College Programs".

Students and parents are strongly encouraged to take advantage of Open House and campus tour opportunities.  The “feel” of a campus is as important as the program offerings as students will often spend 4 or more years living in and around the campus.



University-bound students will meet with their guidance counselor in the fall of their grade 12 year, at which time vital information regarding the application process and available supports will be shared.

In November, students will receive letters from the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre which will contain the information required to complete an online university application.

University applications are due in early/mid January.  Payment to the OUAC must be made before applications will be processed.

High school marks will be automatically submitted for all current EDHS grade 12 students.  It is the student’s responsibility, however, to verify academic information on their OUAC application and to notify a guidance counselor if grades are inaccurate or incomplete.

Offers of admission will be based on six grade 12 U or M level courses, which may include specific university program prerequisites.  Some programs have additional admission requirements which may include portfolios, interviews, auditions, personal profiles, supplementary applications, etc.  Please check university-specific criteria and ensure you have any extra requirements complete and submitted by the due date.

Students will have received responses from the universities to which they applied by the end of May.  The deadline for accepting an offer will be shortly after this date.

All due dates for tuition, residence, etc. must be met in order for the offer to remain valid.

For students who were not accepted into any of their programs of choice, an Ontario Universities’ Admission Information Service is available from early June to August, and runs on a first-come, first-served basis.  Students who meet entrance requirements may apply to university programs that are still accepting student applications.