An apprenticeship is a training program that combines paid, on-the-job work experience with some classroom, theoretical technical training. A qualified journeyperson is responsible for the on-the-job supervising and training while the employee is an apprentice.

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For more information about co-op and the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program, click here.


Post-Secondary Apprenticeship Planning


If you would like to begin an apprenticeship after graduating high school, your first step is to find a suitable employer. You (the apprentice) and the employer must register with the province and sign an apprenticeship agreement.  


To view detailed descriptions of each apprenticeship occupation, click on Apprentice Search.


Click on this link to read the September 2022 'Trades Report' for High School Students: The Trades Report





Whether you are looking for work for the summer, for a period of time while saving for college or university, or to start a career directly in the workplace, the following links will connect you to local services that may assist with job opportunities and job-search skills.
Government of Canada Job bank
Barrie Career Centre
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